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Lisvane Art Workshop’s Annual Exhibition

An interview with Ian Philpot, Chairman of the Lisvane Art Workshop. Photographs taken at today’s event by Lisvane News.

The Lisvane Art Workshop hosted the annual exhibition of their members’ artwork at the Memorial Hall this weekend. The Workshop has around 25 members, almost all of whom put forward several pieces to be featured in the exhibition. The hall was filled with pieces covering the surrounding walls and various stands throughout the hall.

There was a wealth of artistic talent on display at the event. The variety of styles within the Workshop is what was most noticeable, with watercolour, acrylic, pastel, charcoal, cartoon-like and oil painting techniques being used, amongst others. As well as this, the subjects of the pieces were varied, ranging from still life images of fruit and vibrant flora, to intricate studies of buildings, locomotives, townscapes and wildlife. The works on display included those by Sue Davies, Dimitrios Venetsianos, Rona Sullivan, Brenda Boyle, John Lewis, Ian Philpot, Valerie McBroom and Trevor Jones, amongst many others.

Ian Philpot, the chairman of the Art Workshop, was taking sales of the art work. He said that the works they display varies from  ‘reasonably local’ scenes because that is what locals would like to buy, to a whole range of other subject matters that also sell. With a few more sales this afternoon they would be on track to beating last year’s sales count.

This year’s exhibition also brought with it a first for attendees; guests were encouraged to vote for their favourite piece and place it in a ballot box on their way out. The artist whose work receives the most votes will win the Ted Martin Memorial Trophy. The trophy was donated by Ted’s friends after he sadly died last year. The winner will be announced on Tuesday.

The Lisvane Art Workshop host a rolling exhibition throughout the year at the Memorial Hall. For more information on the Lisvane Art Workshop you can visit their website here.

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