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Cardiff Council Bid to Refill Drained Reservoir Basin

“The long debate over the future of Cardiff north beauty spot Llanishen Reservoir has once again risen to the surface.”

Lisvane News guest post on Guardian Cardiff, read the rest of the article here.

There’s also a timeline of events surrounding Llanishen Reservoir available here.


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The Fate Of The Green Fields In Lisvane Returns To The Planning Stages

The Lisvane green fields North of Llanishen Reservoir are once again to be discussed as part of the new Local Development Plan (LDP) for Cardiff. In March of this year the draft proposal of the previous LDP was withdrawn after the Welsh Assembly decided it was flawed. Cardiff Council were told to return to the drawing board.

Land Council Proposed Building On In Previous Local Development Plan

One of the concerns from the Welsh Assembly Government was that the Council’s plans were too focused on brown field sites for development, and that green field sites would need to be developed on, too. Green field sites like those in Lisvane have become prime targets for development.

The Council have returned to the beginning with their new LDP by asking for public opinion on the future of the city. A series of open meetings were held over the past week in four locations around Cardiff; Pontprennau Community Hall, County Hall in Atlantic Wharf, Whitchurch Community Centre, and Western Leisure Centre in Ely. The meetings were intended to be an opportunity for the public to voice their opinion on the issues that arise as part of the city’s potential growth and development.

Various questions about development, security, environmental issues, and employment were put up around the room, and people were encouraged to leave their responses, ideas, and suggestions on post-it notes around the questions. A series of presentation slides stated that the purpose of this LDP was “To set out a plan for what type of city Cardiff will be in 2026.” Various members of the planning department of Cardiff Council were present for people to talk to, ask questions of, and raise concerns.

For Lisvane, the question remains open on whether there will be development on the green field land, as well as the ever-contentious area occupied by the Llanishen and Lisvane Reservoirs. However, both the Assembly and the Council have admitted that the new plan will have to incorporate green field development. And the location and characteristics of the land leave it open to having future development  proposals linked to it.

These characteristics that could lead to proposals were displayed on various maps at the meetings depicting the qualities of many areas of Cardiff. According to these maps, the green fields in Lisvane are not classed as a ‘special area of conservation’ or of being a ‘special area of protection’, they contain ‘no natural resources’, they have minimal risk of flooding, and they do not have any large areas of tree preservation orders.

The council employees present could not confirm that this land would definitely have development proposals linked to it, however, as the purpose of this week’s meetings were to go back to the very beginning and find out public opinion. A report detailing the ‘strategic options’ for local development is intended to be available in March 2011.

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Lisvane Top Recycler in Cardiff

It was announced yesterday that Lisvane recycles the most rubbish in the Cardiff area. According to figures from waste collection between April and October of this year 65.68% of Lisvane’s refuse is recyclable waste. The figures were revealed at County Hall in Atlantic Wharf, in a meeting held by the Environmental Scrutiny Committee which consists of members of the Cardiff Council. Read the rest of this entry »

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Is the fight lost to save Llanishen Reservoir? (via Welsh Green Dragon)

Welsh Green Dragon take an altogether opposite angle to the post at Lisvane News, looking at the recent history of the reservoir and why it seems more and more unlikely that it will be saved. They make some very valid points. We will have to wait to find out what the outcome will be.

Is the fight lost to save Llanishen Reservoir? Is this the end? It seems after months of draining Llanishen reservoir in North Cardiff is finally empty. Welsh Green Dragon was there back in February when Western Power Distribution, who own the water body, started draining down the water for a reported safety inspection. Although at the time the water level was falling, young sailors were still having lessons and it continued to be a valued recreational amenity for people living in northern Ca … Read More

via Welsh Green Dragon

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Is the fight to save Llanishen Reservoir almost won?

Llanishen Reservoir

Llanishen Reservoir. Photograph by Phoenixlily.

Mere days after the draining of Llanishen Reservoir had finished, news that Cardiff Council was meeting with the Countryside Council for Wales about whether the Nant Fawr corridor should be given legally protected status arrived. Is this the beginning of the end of RAG’s fight? Read the rest of this entry »

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